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How can I let people know my new website is live?

Nov 29, 2023 | Marketing, Website Tips

Ways to let the world know your new website is live

Congratulations on launching your website! Now that you have this powerful 24/7 salesperson working for your business, it’s time to spread the word and make the most of your online presence. In a digital landscape teeming with over a billion websites, the “build it and they will come” strategy is not enough, especially for those just starting out. To maximise your website’s visibility, consider the following comprehensive guide to promoting your online address.

1. Social Media Profiles:

Your social media profiles are the perfect way to tell the world about your new website. Leveraging the reach of these platforms is essential for ensuring that your website gets in front of your new site. Here’s an in-depth look at how to make the most of your social media presence.

Share a sneak peek into your website pre-launch, highlight key features, or tease upcoming content to generate anticipation. Include a clear call to action in your announcements. Whether it’s inviting followers to explore your new website, signing up for newsletters, or engaging with specific features, guide them on the next steps.

Foster a sense of community by encouraging users to share their thoughts about the new website. Invite comments, questions, and feedback, and respond promptly to create a dialogue.

Facebook: make sure you website is featured in your Facebook page’s “About” section. Take advantage of the area for your business description.

Instagram: Include your website link in your Instagram bio. Make sure you post about your new website, create a reel showing people through the homepage and be sure to write a compelling post to get people to want to click through.

LinkedIn: Make sure you update your website in your contact info and add a post announcing the launch, letting people know what’s been updated and why they should check it out.

2. Email Signature:

Integrate your website link into your email signature alongside your contact information. Turn every email into an opportunity for your recipients to explore your online space. My go-to for a great-looking email signature is SignatureHound. (HINT: If I’ve done you’re branding, you’ll already have one of these included!)

3. Directory Listings:

Ensure your website address is included in online directories such as Google My Business, Yelp, and local Chamber of Commerce listings. Anywhere you have a business listing online should feature your website link.

4. Other Websites:

If other websites are talking about or promoting your business, reach out and ask them to update their content with a link to your website. You can also increase your domain authority by actively trying to increase your backlinks. Identify websites of partners, affiliates, or businesses with whom you share a mutually beneficial relationship. These could include companies you collaborate with, vendors, or associates within your industry and ask them to include links to your new website.

You can also explore industry-specific publications, blogs, or news outlets that have featured your business or you think would be a good fit to feature your business. These platforms often serve as valuable sources of external validation and can significantly increase your online credibility.

5. Printed Materials:

Update your business cards, brochures, flyers, and printed ads with your website address.  Make sure your customers are aware of all your offerings by including your website address on invoices and proposals. Provide them with an opportunity to learn more about your business. Add your website address to vehicle graphics or decals and spruce up your physical location by adding the graphics with your website address to your front doors or windows. Let visitors in the physical world know they can find more information online.

Consider promotional items like pens, cups, and bags with your website address. Ensure that every piece with your company name is a potential gateway to your online space. And don’t forget to include your website address on company apparel. Whether it’s company t-shirts or staff uniforms, make your online presence part of your team’s attire.

Lastly, feel free to reach out if you need assistance with any of these steps. I’m here to help you make the most of your online journey!

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“Belle really got involved and understood my business model before making assumptions about the business needs. Belle built our new website, helped with branding and improved google ranking. Within a week of going live we gained more traction than in the previous 3 months. I could not recommend Belle highly enough, I love the website.”


“Creative Resauce was one of the agencies I used whilst on contract at the RAS of NSW and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Belle. It was a real partnership with Belle and her willingness to understand the brief and work through the creative process to achieve the best outcome was extremely professional. She often went above and beyond and tackled every job with enthusiasm and was responsive, timely and within the framework of our budgets.”


“Belle has been the Creative Designer for Brightsparks for over 3 years. Her work is consistently of a high standard and she always delivers the end product within the deadline. Her attitude is highly professional and she is a pleasure to work with. Belle's passion for design is evident in everything she does and I trust her completely to further develop our brand image. I would highly recommend Belle to anyone needing a fantastic designer.”


"From the moment I handed over my logo idea, I knew that Belle from Creative Resauce was the only person for the job. With quick email response times; easy submission process; an understanding of the needs of my business and a distinct creative flair, she did not disappoint. Needless to say, the finished design met all the requirements of the brief, and even outshone my original idea. Belle, I can't thank you enough!"


“Working with Belle was a Joy. I had developed my website a few years ago and it was cluttered, lacked a client journey and did not rank in SEO. Belle quickly fixed up links, simplified the journey and improved the design. She was fast, accurate, creative in her approach and extremely knowledgeable about current trends, technical and design issues.”


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