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About the project


The Brief

It was such a pleasure to work with Zoe from Zode Kinesiology! She had built her own website in Squarespace a couple of years prior but felt she was ready for an update.

It’s so tempting for business owners to create their own websites and graphics nowadays, and with tools like Canva and Squarespace out there, it’s almost encouraged to do it all yourself. But one thing I have found out the hard way in my business (my talents DO NOT lie in accounting!!!) is that it’s better to outsource the stuff I don’t know how to do and/or I’m not passionate about learning!

So when Zoe got in touch I was super excited to start working with her. Her existing website showed me that she definitely had a flair for writing, and she had already accumulated some great imagery, so I knew we could take her existing website from drab to fab!

The Solution

Zoe wanted her new Squarespace website to start working for her! As she was getting busier with her healing business, she wanted her website to be able to convert site visitors into booked clients. We discussed this a lot, putting ourselves in the shoes of her potential clients. After much research and exploration of online booking forms etc, we realised that most people who are looking to book their first Kinesiology appointment would like to speak to a real person.

For this reason, I designed the website with the main objective being that a site visitor then went on to call Zoe, either to book a consultation or to have a chat about their needs.

The Design Process

When I’m redesigning an existing site I often find the main thing I need to do is strip back the content. It’s hard, especially when it’s your own business (and passion project!) to explain what you do and who you do it for in a concise manner. And this was especially true for Zoe, who has a flair for writing. We worked on re-working her existing content into more manageable chunks and used loads of her great imagery to tell the story.

One thing we also did was create blog articles with some of her existing content. For instance, she had a lot of information on her about page and so we stripped that back and decided she could use some of the information we discarded as blog articles!

While I was redesigning her site, I also gave her brand a little freshen up, updating the colours for on-screen and creating a more organic shape for her logo.

Even though the site looks completely different now, the site structure and content is fairly similar. But through a thought-out design process, developing her site’s main goal and focusing on imagery to tell the story, her website is now a true representation of her business.

What the client said

“Working with Belle was a joy. I had developed my website a few years ago and it was cluttered, lacked a client journey and did not rank in SEO. Belle quickly fixed up links, simplified the journey and improved the design. She was fast, accurate, creative in her approach and extremely knowledgeable about current trends, and technical and design issues. I have recommended Belle from Creative Resauce already and will certainly do so again.”

client love

Exceptional. That’s the word that best describes our experience in working with Belle. Our previous website was solid but needed updates to improve search functionality, better showcase our product range, and help shine through our brand core values and personality in a more meaningful way.

Belle understands all facets to a website - she’s not just a website designer, rather a savvy business mind with design skills. We absolutely love the professional but warm vibe Belle achieved on our website… and our customers agree!

If you’re looking for the best, she’s it.

Ciara + Tracy

Co-founders, Pure Fin

I absolutely love my website!

I had designed my old website myself and thought it wasn’t too shabby but when Belle redid my branding and website she did such an amazing job that every time I look at it my heart sings. Obviously, other people love it too as I jumped a full ranking percent the month after we launched it.

Belle seriously knows her stuff, advising me to choose a theme which allows me to showcase my varied products with a huge amount of detail on each product page. This level of knowledge increases customer satisfaction which leads to more sales.

Caro Keatings

Founder, Whealthy Life

Belle not only created our amazing website and branding but also mentored us through our first year in business. She provided a wealth of business advice and support which helped our floristry business blossom!

We love our website, it is such a great representation of our brand. We find it very user-friendly and so do our clients.

Belle is the perfect mix of professional and approachable. Her honest and upfront approach was both refreshing and effective in realising our business goals.

We cannot recommend Belle highly enough.

Amy + Jenna

Co-founders, Edwards & Day


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